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Root Industries Scooter Bearings

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  • Root Industries brought their wheels into the US several years back and they quickly became a top seller for several reasons. They are affordable, high quality, and look great - a total triple threat that translates to sales! That also means that Root Industries bearings are also a best seller because they are pre-installed on every Root wheel that we sell. Root bearings are moderately priced for such a high quality, buttery smooth bearing. Root Industries scooter bearings have an ABEC 11 rating. The higher the bearing rating, the more precision it has, which makes it faster and smoother. Root Industries bearings are compatible with PRO SCOOTER WHEELS of any diameter.

  • Root Industries Scooter Bearings Specifications

      • ABEC 11
      • include 4 bearings
      • 2 spacers
      • There are 5 ratings on the ABEC scale: 1,3,5,7,9. Higher ABEC ratings provide better precision, efficiency, and greater speed capabilities.
      • Bearings require a bearing press for installation


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            Scooter bearings come with an ABEC rating, which can vary from 3 – 11. The higher the ABEC rating, the faster the bearings are. Conventional wheels come with an 8mm axle, while 12 STD wheels come with a 12mm axle. The bearings have to slide over the deck and fork axles, which must coincide with the diameter of the hole in the center of the bearing. At SMOKIN SCOOTERS, we do not carry 12 STD so all bearings that we sell work with all wheels. If purchasing from another retailer, make sure that your bearings correspond to the axle size (8mm, 12mm) of the deck and forks that you are riding.