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Tilt Quickset Bar Ends

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    The all new Tilt Quickset bar ends are flat out the best looking bar ends on the market. The Quickset Bar End is a fully custom product from Tilt. The custom T-Bolt is made from 7075 aluminum utilizing a 6mm hex to tighten inside of your handlebars. If you catch your barspins on the outside of your grips and like bar ends tucked underneath your grips, you'll prefer the 22.2 size. The 22.2 size will fit flush with the ends of your handlebars. If you want maximum protection for yourself and your handlebars, you'll prefer the 31.0 size, which should fit flush with the grips after they are installed on your bars. Either way, the Quickset Bar End provides longterm protection for you and your bars. While Tilt states that they work with all handlebars, we tried them on multiple bars. They work with MOST steel bars. They definitely work with Tilt's steel bars and we got them to work with most other manufacturer's steel bars but could NOT get them to work with Affinity bars. In general, the Quickset bars DO NOT WORK WITH ALUMINUM BARS. However, the one exception is Tilt's aluminum stage 3 bars, which they did work in. As a general rule, we would only recommend using these bar ends with Tilt bars but they should work with most other manufacturer's steel bars.