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Tilt Scout Bars


Tilt Scout handlebars are a classic T bar design and are heat-treated straight gauge 4130 cro-moly with a larger standard width and height to meet the requirements of all riders.

So you were checking out some scooter stuff and stumbled across these Tilt Scout Bars. You happened to land on one of the more popular SCOOTER BARS on the market today. They are not cheap scooter bars but they are affordable. And they simply look great and perform well. Made from heat-treated 4130 chromoly steel for additional strength, Scout Bars are available in a STANDARD outer diameter (no slit). These scooter bars are compatible with baby or oversized SCS compression only. With 22.00W X 27.50H, Scout Bars weigh in at just 2.74 lbs.

Tilt Scout Bars have a standard inner and outer diameter with no slit, which makes them compatible with SCS compression. Scout Bars will be compatible with a baby SCS, which is compatible with standard SCS bars only. Or, alternatively, a large SCS will contain a removable shim, and can be used with these standard SCS bars or also with oversized OD bars. You can't but a more effective compression system than SCS so these Scout Bars are a great purchase for the long haul.

Tilt Scout Bars Specifications:

  • Made from heat-treated 4130 chromoly steel for additional strength
  • available in a STANDARD outer diameter (no slit)
  • compatible with baby or oversized SCS compression only
  • 22.00W X 27.50H
  • 2.74 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 22.00W X 27.50H
  • Available colors: BLACK, CHROME

TILT SCOOTERS quickly earned a reputation for building high quality scooter components and was welcomed into the sport by riders around the world. Now located on the outskirts of Chicago, Tilt Scooters is proud to be the manufacturer of the highest quality components for the freestyle scooter industry.

Customer Reviews

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Smokin Scooters review - Tilt Scout Standard SCS T-Bars

What do get when you combine simplicity, quality, and durability - the Tilt Scout bars. Tilt is know for their extremely high quality manufacturing and it is evident in the Scout bars. Scout bars are available in a standard outer diameter without a slit so they are only compatible with SCS compression. Due to the standard outer diameter, you can use them with either a standard or baby SCS. Compression systems such as the Tilt SCS LT or Proto Baby SCS are examples of baby SCS's that only work with standard bars. If you want the flexibity of using your SCS with standard or oversized bars, pick up a standard SCS, which includes a shim and works with either size. If you are looking for a solid SCS T-Bar, we highly recommend the Scout bar. All of Tilt's other bars have a thrash resistant lifetime warranty. Had the Scout bars come with the lifetime warranty, we would have given it 5 stars.