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Tilt Sentry Bars


Tilt Sentry bars feature backsweep and upsweep for added comfort with large bar sizes. A 3D formed steer tube featuring the TILT logo smooths out the welded areas preventing knee and chin hits, and the heat treating process significantly improves strength. Sentry Bars are Thrash Resistant and feature a lifetime guarantee against bends and cracks.

If you were scouring the interweb for cheap scooter parts, Smokin Scooters is the online shop for you. Tilt Sentry Bars are some of the most sought after pro SCOOTER BARS that we sell and, guess what, you're in luck. Add any product on our online scooter store to your shopping cart an we will discount you scooter parts up to 20%, including these Sentry Bars. Made from heat-treated 4130 chromoly steel for additional strength, Sentry Bars are available in a STANDARD outer diameter (no slit); 5 degrees backsweep and 1 degrees upsweep. These scooter bars are compatible with baby or oversized SCS compression only. With 24.00W X 27.50H, Sentry Bars weigh in at just 2.93 lbs.

Tilt Sentry Bars have a standard inner and outer diameter with no slit, which makes them compatible with SCS compression. Sentry Bars will be compatible with a baby SCS, which is compatible with standard SCS bars only. Or, alternatively, a large SCS will contain a removable shim, and can be used with these standard SCS bars or also with oversized OD bars. You can't but a more effective compression system than SCS so these Sentry Bars are a great purchase for the long haul.

Tilt Sentry Bars Specifications:

  • Made from heat-treated 4130 chromoly steel for additional strength
  • available in a STANDARD outer diameter (no slit); 5 degrees backsweep and 1 degrees upsweep
  • compatible with baby or oversized SCS compression only
  • 24.00W X 27.50H
  • 2.93 lbs
  • Available dimensions: 24.00W X 27.50H
  • Available colors: BLACK, CHROME, RAW

While most of the competition is manufacturing overseas, TILT SCOOTERS is committed to American manufacturing. Unique in-house capabilities such as CNC machining, anodizing, laser-marking, and fabrication allow Tilt to maintain a level of quality control unparalleled in the industry. Meticulous engineering and rider-proven testing continually allow riders to push the boundaries of freestyle scootering.

Customer Reviews

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Smokin Scooters review - Tilt Sentry Standard SCS Scooter Bars

Tilt Sentry bars are one of the only, if not the only, bars on the market that we know of with a thrash resistant lifetime warranty. When a company stands behind their product like that, you know you're buying quality. Sentry bars have a standard outer diameter and can be used with either a standard or baby SCS. The Sentry bars have 5 degrees of backsweep and 1 degree of upsweep. These bars aren't for everyone - they're tall and wide. At 24 inches wide and 27.5 inches tall, you may need to cut them down a little bit if you're on the smaller side. All in all, these are phenomenal SCS bars and, with the lifetime guarantee, you can't go wrong with the Sentry bars.