Tilt Tomahawk 120 Forks


The Tilt Tomahawk Fork was designed by Tom using 3D design software, and Tilt made it happen. The fork is machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and a integrated thread removes the need for a star nut. The Tomahawk forks also feature an integrated crown race and includes the F5 axle system.

If you were looking for some cheap grip tape, you came to the right place. Add Tilt Tomahawk 120 Forks to your shopping cart and the price magically drops up to 20%. Made from 6061 series aluminum, Tomahawk 120 Forks are a one-piece threadless fork featuring an integrated starnut. Compatible with HIC and SCS compression ONLY, Tilt Tomahawk 120 Forks have a 10mm offset and are compatible with wheels up to 120mm. Additional Features of these SCOOTER FORKS are: Steerer tube length: 153mm.

Tilt Tomahawk 120 Forks work with either SCS or HIC compression. SCS/HIC forks come with either an integrated star nut or a top cap that screws into the top of the forks. Forks with an integrated star nut work great with either HIC or SCS compression but forks like the Tilt Legacy forks, which have a top cap are the most effective forks you can buy to use in conjunction with SCS compression. We highly recommend any HIC/SCS forks for 2 reasons: (1) you don't have to install a star nut, which can be a huge pain and (2) SCS and HIC compression are the two most effective compression systems on the market.

Tilt Tomahawk 120 Forks Specifications:

  • Made from 6061 series aluminum
  • one-piece threadless fork featuring an integrated starnut
  • Steerer tube length: 153mm
  • Compatible with HIC and SCS compression ONLY
  • 10mm offset and are compatible with wheels up to 120mm
  • Available dimensions: Steerer tube length: 153mm
  • Available colors: BLACK, BLUE, GOLD, PURPLE, RED, SILVER

While most of the competition is manufacturing overseas, TILT SCOOTERS is committed to American manufacturing. Unique in-house capabilities such as CNC machining, anodizing, laser-marking, and fabrication allow Tilt to maintain a level of quality control unparalleled in the industry. Meticulous engineering and rider-proven testing continually allow riders to push the boundaries of freestyle scootering.

Customer Reviews

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Great strong fork

My sons fav fork to use! Great product. Fast shipping.

best forks I've owned

"love them. fast shipping, good quality, and lots of stickers. tilt makes some of the best products on the scooter market right now, and these have to be one of them. flipside is the best!"