Tilt Topo Grips


Tilt Topo Grips have been molded in the classic ribbed design, which has been proven time and again to be the best scooter grip design for comfort. Tilt Topo Grips are Styled after topographical maps that come in at 7 inches long. Tilt Topo Grips The organic pattern and soft compound result in an amazing feeling grip.. Sold in pairs.

Want to know what one of our best selling SCOOTER GRIPS is? You're looking at them. The Tilt Topo Grips offer extreme comfort and a ton of grip, not to mention that they look great. Tilt scooter grips are tested by the pro riders over at Tilt. If they use them, you should too!

Tilt Topo Grips Specifications:

  • 7 inches long
  • Styled after topographical maps
  • The organic pattern and soft compound result in an amazing feeling grip.
  • bar ends included; grips fit all bars but bar ends WILL NOT fit aluminum bars due to the smaller diameter of aluminum handlebar tube
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available dimensions: 7 inches long
  • Available colors: ARMY, BLACK, GUM, RED

With riders often feeling limited by technology, the freestyle scooter scene was in demand for high quality components. Urged by fellow rider Josh Young and his own need for better components, Collin Snoek began designing and fabricating custom parts. Word spread and demand for the parts increased. In 2009, what began as a hobby officially became TILT SCOOTERS.