Versatyl Bloody Mary V2 Pro Scooter

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  • Versatyl picked an interesting name for an entry level scooter for kids, Bloody Mary. Name aside, this Versatyl pro scooter is a great entry level scooter for the advanced beginner rider. Versatyl's lineup has another scooter that has threaded compression that we don't sell because threaded compression is from the dark ages. The IHC compression found on the Bloody Mary complete scooter is a massive step up for just a couple bucks more than its threaded compression little bro. Bars are going to be too tall for the youngest riders but 8 -12 year olds are going to find that the deck and bar dimensions are perfect for most. The Versatyl Bloody Mary comes in 4 wild color ways and is ready to hit the park as soon as you are!

    The Versatyl pro scooter is built around a 4.65" by 20" deck with an 82.5 degree headtube angle. Because the deck does not have boxed ends, we consider the Versatyl Bloody Mary deck to be a park deck but it's equally at home at the skatepark or in your hood. Entry Level scooter decks that are 20-20.99" long will be best suited for the younger riders who are relatively new to the sport. The Bloody Mary pro scooter features standard outer diameter Y-Bars that are 23.6" tall by 21.3" wide. Bars this size are ideal for riders who are 5 to 5.5 feet tall. Bars and forks are tied together via an IHC compression system, which is a favorite among pro scooter riders. Finally, the Bloody Mary pro scooter rolls on 110mm x 24mm wheels, which are the most popular size among riders.

  • Versatyl Bloody Mary V2 Pro Scooter Specifications

      • Weight: 6.48 lbs
      • Deck Length: 20 inches
      • Deck Width: 4.65 inches
      • Headtube Angle: 83 degrees
      • 12 STD Compatible: No
      • Boxed Ends: No
      • Material: Aluminium 6061
      • Bar Height: 23.6 inches
      • Bar Width: 21.3 inches
      • Bar Outer Diameter: Oversized
      • Bar Inner Diameter: Standard
      • Butted: No
      • Backsweep: No
      • Slit: Yes
      • Compression Type: IHC
      • Wheel Diameter: 110mm
      • Wheel Hardness: 88a
      • Bearings Included: Yes
      • Rider Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner

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    Everything about the scooter is good very light smooth