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Wise MA Forks

  • Martin Andre's signature forks should be an item on your wish list. Wise MA forks are made of 7 series aluminum, which is 30% lighter AND stronger than 6 series aluminum. In the past, forks were either 12 STD or 8 STD, which meant that you had to choose which axle size you wanted to ride. The Wise MA forks give you the best of both worlds, coming standard with 8mm and 12mm spacers. The MA forks only come with an 8mm axle so, if you want to ride 12 STD, you'll have to pick up a 12 STD axle separately. Out of the box, Wise MA forks work are compatible with SCS and HIC compression. This Martin Andre signature fork is made with his heavy riding style in mind. Martin is a taller and heavier rider himself, who acknowledges the importance a reliable fork you can rely on when throwing 360 bars to whips all day.Wise MA Forks are PRO SCOOTER FORKS that Wise created for Martin Andre, who rides pro scooters for Wise. Wise MA Forks are a pro scooter fork that work with the following types of compression: SCS,HIC,TCS. When you purchase Wise Forks, you will need to purchase a compression system (listed previously) that is compatible with your forks, as well as scooter bars that are compatible with the selected compression system. Wise Scooter Forks are durable forks and can be ridden on the street or at the park. The Wise MA Scooter Forks are compatible with the following wheel diameters: 100mm,110mm,115mm,120mm. MA Forks are compatible with wheels with a 24mm core and either a 24mm or 26mm wide PU.

  • Wise MA Forks Specifications

      • Weight: 11.3 ounces
      • Material: 7 Series Aluminum
      • Build process: CNC
      • Steer tube length: 6"
      • Wheel size compatibility: Up to 125mm
      • Wheel Width Compatibility: 24mm
      • 12 STD compatibility: Yes
      • Compression Type: SCS, HIC
      • Crown race integrated: Yes
      • Available colors: BLACK


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            Scooter forks are compatible with bars, compression, and clamps. Compression will drive which of those 4 types of parts are compatible with each other. When purchasing forks, ensure that the compression type of the fork is compatible with your bars, compression system, and clamp (not required for SCS).

            SCS Compression compatibility

            COMPATIBLE PARTS: SCS forks, SCS compression system, bars without a slit.

            SCS compression utilizes an SCS compression system in place of a clamp. Ensure that your bar diameter (standard or oversized) is compatible with the diameter of your SCS compression system and that your bars DO NOT HAVE A SLIT. Most SCS compression systems come with a shim, which will be compatible with either bar size. When you remove the shim, the SCS is compatible with oversized bars; when you leave the shim in, it is compatible with standard bars. SCS compression is the most effective type of compression, as it compresses the bars and forks independently.

            HIC Compression compatibility

            COMPATIBLE PARTS: HIC forks, double clamp, bars with an oversized inner diameter and a slit.

            HIC compression utilizes an HIC compression system that screws into the top of your forks. With the HIC compression system installed on the forks, you will need bars with a slit and an oversized inner diameter. HIC bars require steel or titanium bars with an oversized inner diameter. Steel bars with a standard inner diameter and aluminum bars, which have an oversized outer diameter but standard inner diameter, will NOT work with HIC compression. HIC compression will also require the use of an oversized clamp, which compresses the bars around the HIC compression system and fork.

            IHC Compression compatibility

            COMPATIBLE PARTS: IHC forks, double clamp, bars with a standard inner diameter and a slit.

            IHC compression is similar to HIC compression but doesn’t require the purchase of an HIC shim, as the integrated headset compression (IHC) is built directly into the forks. IHC forks are going to work with standard steel or aluminum bars with a slit. Depending on whether you get steel (standard outer diameter) or aluminum (oversized outer diameter) bars will determine whether you need a standard or oversized double clamp. Most clamps come with a shim. Remove the shim for use with oversized bars; keep it in for use with standard bars.